beast.observationmodel.noisemodel.generic_noisemodel.make_toothpick_noise_model(outname, astfile, sedgrid, use_rate=True, vega_fname=None, absflux_a_matrix=None, **kwargs)[source]

toothpick noise model assumes that every filter is independent with any other.

outname: str

path and filename into which save the noise model

astfile: str

path to the file into which are ASTs results

sedgrid: SEDGrid instance

sed model grid for everyone of which we will evaluate the model

use_rate: boolean

set to use the rate column (normalized vega flux) instead of out column (mags)

absflux_a_matrix: ndarray

absolute calibration a matrix giving the fractional uncertainties including correlated terms (off diagonals)

noisefile: str

noisemodel file name