beast.physicsmodel.creategrid.add_spectral_properties(specgrid, filternames=None, filters=None, callables=None, nameformat=None, filterLib=None)[source]

Addon spectral calculations to spectral grids to extract in the fitting routines

specgrid: SpectralGrid instance

instance of the spectral grid

filternames: sequence(str)

compute the integrated values through given filters in the library

filters: sequence(Filters)

sequence of filter instances from which extract integrated values

callables: sequence(callable)

sequence of functions to apply onto the spectral grid assuming storing results is internally processed by the individual functions

nameformat: str

naming format to adopt for filternames and filters default value is ‘{0:s}_0’ where the value will be the filter name

filterLib: str

full filename to the filter library hd5 file

specgrid: SpectralGrid instance

instance of the input spectral grid which will include more properties