beast.physicsmodel.creategrid.gen_spectral_grid_from_stellib_given_points(osl, pts, bounds={'dlogT': 0.1, 'dlogg': 0.3}, chunksize=0)[source]
Generator that reinterpolates a given stellar spectral library on to

an Isochrone grid

It will iterate over a list of pts points and generate

chunksize models until all the list of points is processed

osl: stellib.stellib

a stellar library

pts: dict like structure of points

dictionary like or named data structure of points to interpolate at must contain logg, logT, logL, and Z

bounds: dict, optional (default={dlogT:0.1, dlogg:0.3})

sensitivity to extrapolation (see grid.get_stellib_boundaries)

chunksize: int, optional (default=0)

number of models to generate at each cycle. If default <= 0, all models will be returned at once.

g: SpectralGrid

Spectral grid (in memory) containing the requested list of stars and associated spectra