class beast.physicsmodel.dust.extinction.Cardelli89[source]

Bases: ExtinctionLaw

Cardelli89 Milky Way R(V) dependent Extinction Law

From Cardelli, Clayton, and Mathis (1989, ApJ, 345, 245).

Fitzpatrick99 should be used instead except for historical purposes as this newer law is based on 10x more observations and a better treatment of the optical/NIR photometry based portion of the curves.

Methods Summary

function(lamb[, Av, Rv, Alambda])

Cardelli89 extinction Law

Methods Documentation

function(lamb, Av=1.0, Rv=3.1, Alambda=True, **kwargs)[source]

Cardelli89 extinction Law

lamb: float or ndarray(dtype=float)

wavelength [in Angstroms] at which to evaluate the law.

Av: float

desired A(V) (default: 1.0)

Rv: float

desired R(V) (default: 3.1)

Alambda: bool

if set returns +2.5*1./log(10.)*tau, tau otherwise

r: float or ndarray(dtype=float)

attenuation as a function of wavelength depending on Alambda option +2.5*1./log(10.)*tau, or tau