class beast.physicsmodel.dust.extinction.Generalized_DustExt(curve='F04')[source]

Bases: ExtinctionLaw

Generalized extinction curve class to import classes from dust_extinction package.

Accepts class name as string input (curve) for all average and Rv-dependent parameter_averages extinction curve classes.

Methods Summary

function(lamb[, Av, Rv, Alambda])

Generalized Extinction Law

Methods Documentation

function(lamb, Av=1, Rv=3.1, Alambda=True, **kwargs)[source]

Generalized Extinction Law

lamb: float or ndarray(dtype=float)

wavelength [in Angstroms] at which to evaluate the law.

Av: float

desired A(V) (default 1.0)

Rv: float

desired R(V) (default 3.1) ignored if self.hasRvParam=False; defaults to self.Rv

Alambda: bool

if set returns +2.5*1./log(10.)*tau, tau otherwise

r: float or ndarray(dtype=float)

attenuation as a function of wavelength depending on Alambda option +2.5*1./log(10.)*tau, or tau