beast.plotting.make_ds9_region_file.region_file_fits(input_file, col_color=None, col_thresh=None, polygon=True)[source]

Make a ds9 region file out of the catalog or AST fits file.

If you want some circles to be a different color, use the col_color and col_thresh to choose the column and threshold.

The region file will be saved in the same place and with the same name as input file, but with .reg instead of .fits.


path+file of the catalog or AST fits file

col_colorstring (default=None)

name of the column to use for coloring region circles differently

col_threshfloat (default=None)

sources with values greater than this will have regions colored differently

polygonboolean (default=True)

generate a simple polygon as a region file, only recording the vertices assumes the footprint of the input catalog has four vertices