beast.plotting.plot_cmd_with_fits.plot_cmd_with_fits(data_fits_file, beast_stats_file, mag1_filter='F475W', mag2_filter='F814W', mag3_filter='F475W', param='chi2min', log_param=False, plot_all=False, savefig=False, show_plot=True)[source]

Make a CMD with the data, and color-code points by some other fitted quantity

Magnitudes are calculated as -2.5*log10(filter_RATE), rather than directly extracting the magnitude from the catalog.


Path+file for the stellar photometry. Photometry will be matched to sources in beast_stats_file using RA/Dec, so this can contain sources that were not fit with the BEAST.


path+file for the BEAST fitting results

mag1_filterstr (default=’F475W’)

1st color filter (color=mag1-mag2)

mag2_filterstr (default=’F814W’)

2nd color filter (color=mag1-mag2)

mag3_filterstr (default=’F475W’)

filter for the magnitude

paramstr (default=’chi2min’)

parameter to use for color-coding points

log_paramboolean (default=False)

choose whether to take the log of param for assigning color

plot_allboolean (default=False)

If True, plot all points by converting the fluxes into magnitudes. If False, only plot sources with Vega mags that are <99 in the mag1/mag2/mag3 filters

savefigstr (default=False)

to save the figure, set this to the file extension (e.g., ‘png’, ‘pdf’)


True, show the plot (to screen or a file) False, return the fig