beast.plotting.plot_param_recovery.plot_param_recovery(sim_data_list, stats_file_list, output_plot_filename, file_label_list=None, max_nbins=20)[source]

Make plots comparing the physical parameters from simulated data to the recovered physical parameters

If there are multiple files input, it is presumably because they are from different noise models. If that’s the case, you may want to assign labels for each of them (file_label_list).

sim_data_liststring or list of strings

File(s) of simulated data from, which have both the photometry and physical parameters

stats_file_liststring or list of strings

File(s) of the corresponding stats files with the fit statistics


name of the file in which to save the output plot

file_label_liststring (default=None)

Labels to use for each of the files (e.g., their source density ranges)

max_nbinsint (default=10)

maximum number of bins to use in each dimension of the 2D histogram (fewer will be used if there are fewer unique values)