beast.observationmodel.observations.gen_SimObs_from_sedgrid(sedgrid, sedgrid_noisemodel, nsim=100, compl_filter='F475W', ranseed=None, vega_fname=None)[source]

Generate simulated observations using the physics and observation grids. The priors are sampled as they give the ensemble model for the stellar and dust distributions (IMF, Av distribution etc.). The physics model gives the SEDs based on the priors. The observation model gives the noise, bias, and completeness all of which are used in simulating the observations.

Currently written to only work for the toothpick noisemodel.

sedgrid: grid.SEDgrid instance

model grid

sedgrid_noisemodel: beast noisemodel instance

noise model data

nsim : int

number of observations to simulate

compl_filter : str

filter to use for completeness (required for toothpick model)

ranseed : int

used to set the seed to make the results reproducable useful for testing

vega_fname : string

filename for the vega info usefule for testing

simtable : astropy Table

table giving the simulated observed fluxes as well as the physics model parmaeters