beast.physicsmodel.grid.MemoryGrid(lamb, seds=None, grid=None, header={}, aliases={})[source]

Replace the MemoryGrid class for backwards compatibility

Instanciate an grid object that has no physical storage Helps to create new grids on the fly. Because it deriveds from ModelGrid, this can be exported on disk too.
lamb: ndarray or GridBackend subclass

if ndarray: wavelength of the SEDs (requires seds and grid arguments) if backend: ref to the given grid

seds: ndarray[dtype=float, ndim=2]

array of seds

grid: eztable.Table

table of properties associated to each sed

header: dict

if provided, update the grid table header


if provided, update the grid table aliases

g: ModelGrid

grid of models with no physical storage (MemoryBackend)