beast.physicsmodel.creategrid.gen_spectral_grid_from_stellib(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Reinterpolate a given stellar spectral library on to an Isochrone grid

DEPRECATED: use gen_spectral_grid_from_stellib_given_points instead


osl: stellib.stellib

a stellar library

oiso: isochrone.Isochrone

an isochrone library

ages: iterable

list of age points to include in the grid (in Yr)

masses: iterable

list of mass points to include in the grid (M/Msun)

ages: iterable

list of metallicity points to include in the grid (Z/Zsun)

bounds: dict

sensitivity to extrapolation (see get_stellib_boundaries)


g: SpectralGrid

Spectral grid (in memory) containing the requested list of stars and associated spectra