beast.physicsmodel.grid.FileSEDGrid(fname, header={}, aliases={}, backend=u'memory')[source]
Replace the FileSEDGrid class for backwards compatibility
Generates a grid from a spectral library on disk

lamb: ndarray or GridBackend subclass

if ndarray: wavelength of the SEDs (requires seds and grid arguments) if backend: ref to the given grid

seds: ndarray[dtype=float, ndim=2]

array of seds

grid: eztable.Table

table of properties associated to each sed

header: dict

if provided, update the grid table header

aliases: dict

if provided, update the grid table aliases

backend: str or GridBackend class or subclass

corresponding backend class

‘memory’: MemoryBackend, ‘cache’: CacheBackend, ‘hdf’: HDFBackend, ‘generic’: GridBackend


g: ModelGrid

grid of models with no physical storage (MemoryBackend)