class beast.observationmodel.vega.Vega(source=None)[source]

Bases: object

Class that handles vega spectrum and references. This class know where to find the Vega synthetic spectrum (Bohlin 2007) in order to compute fluxes and magnitudes in given filters

An instance can be used as a context manager as:

filters = ['HST_WFC3_F275W', 'HST_WFC3_F336W', 'HST_WFC3_F475W',                    'HST_WFC3_F814W', 'HST_WFC3_F110W', 'HST_WFC3_F160W']
with Vega() as v:
    vega_f, vega_mag, flamb = v.getSed(filters)
print vega_f, vega_mag, flamb


Methods Summary

getFlux(self, filters) Return vega abs.
getMag(self, filters) Return vega abs.

Methods Documentation

getFlux(self, filters)[source]

Return vega abs. fluxes in filters

getMag(self, filters)[source]

Return vega abs. magnitudes in filters