beast.observationmodel.phot.append_filter(lamb, flux, tablename, observatory, instrument, name, comment=None, filterLib='/home/docs/.beast//filters.hd5', updateVegaLib=True)[source]

Edit the filter catalog and append a new one given by its transfer function

lamb: ndarray(dtype=float)

wavelength of the filter definition

flux: ndarray(dtype=float)

transimission of the filter

tablename: str

table name in the library

observatory: str

observatory of the filter (Ground, HST, Spitzer, …)

instrument: str

instrument associated with the filter

name: str

name of the filter

comment: str, optional

optinal comment to keep with the filter

filterLib: str, optional

filter library file to use

updateVegaLib: bool

if set calls the update function to the vega library