compare_spec_type, beast_stats_file, spec_ra, spec_dec, spec_type, spec_subtype, lumin_class, match_radius=1.0, bright_filter='F475W', output_filebase=None, plot=False)[source]

BEAST verification: compare spectrally-typed stars to BEAST fits


name of the file with the photometry


name of the file with the BEAST stats

spec_ra, spec_decarray of floats

coordinates for the spectrally typed stars (in degrees)

spec_typelist of strings

spectral type for each star (O/B/A/F/G/K/M)

spec_subtypelist of floats

spectral subtype for each star (e.g., 7 for a B7 star, or 3.5 for a G3.5 star)

lumin_classlist of strings

luminosity class for each star (I/II/III/IV/V)

match_radiusfloat (default=1)

radius (arcsec) for searching for the BEAST star matching the spectrally typed star

bright_filterstring (default=’F475W’)

the star within match_radius that is brightest in this filter will be chosen as the match

output_filebasestring (default=None)

Prefix for saving the file of match info (“_spectype_match.fits” will be appended). If None, will return the table rather than saving it.

plotboolean (default=False)

Plot stars found to be a match.


if output_filebase is None, a dictionary with match info is returned.