Reading BEAST files Module

Functions for interacting with the BEAST model


read_lnp_data(filename[, nstars, shift_lnp])

Read in the sparse lnp for all the stars in the hdf5 file

read_noise_data(filename[, param_list, ...])

Read some or all of the noise model parameters, for one or all of the filters

read_sed_data(filename[, param_list, ...])

Read in the beast data needed by all the pixels

get_lnp_grid_vals(sed_data, lnp_data[, verbose])

Acquire the SED parameter values for the locations where the lnp values were saved

Comparing spectral types Module


compare_spec_type(phot_cat_file, ...[, ...])

BEAST verification: compare spectrally-typed stars to BEAST fits