read_sed_data, param_list=['Av', 'Rv', 'f_A', 'M_ini', 'logA', 'Z', 'distance'], return_params=False)[source]

Read in the beast data needed by all the pixels


name of the file with the BEAST physicsmodel grid

param_listlist of strings

The set of parameters to extract (default: Av, Rv, f_A, M_ini, logA, Z, distance). If set to ‘all’, extract all parameters and model fluxes in the grid.

return_paramsboolean (default=False)

If True, return the list of keywords for all parameters and model fluxes in the grid. Useful for checking what columns are present.

Two possible returns depending on param_list input
sed_datadictonary (param_list input as list of strings)

contains arrays of the requested SED grid parameters if return_params is True, then also provides

grid_param_listlist of strings (return_params is True)

if param_list is None, return the list of parameter options